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We are pleased to have been working with for many years. Our onboarding was straightforward, and we were supported by friendly and professional staff throughout the process. This allows us to make the best use of the platform and reach many new customers. We wish much success with the international marketplaces and will of course be with them for the journey.

CHAL-TEC GmbH/ Berlin Brands Group

A long-term partnership at eye level

We have been working closely with for five years now. Our partnership has always been based on friendliness and mutual trust. Thanks to its long-term tradition of brick-and-mortar stores, Kaufland has a loyal customer base that also drives its online business. A wide range of sellers and brands benefit from the resulting high reach and strong customer trust.

Juskys Gruppe GmbH

Your advantages as a seller with Kaufland Global Marketplace

To maximise your sales potential, we support you with your national and international growth.


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**1250 Kč / 220 zł

Basic Plan + Linking

One basic fee for all Kaufland marketplaces**

Multi-channel marketing

Personal seller support

1st level customer support

Relevant payment methods included for all countries

Monthly change possible, can be cancelled at any time***

Linking to your online shop


per month, plus VAT

**990 Kč / 175 zł

Basic Plan

One basic fee for all Kaufland marketplaces**

Multi-channel marketing

Personal seller support

1st level customer support

Relevant payment methods included for all countries

Monthly change possible, can be cancelled at any time***

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kaufland Global Marketplace?

Kaufland Global Marketplace enables you to sell on a variety of country-specific marketplaces with just one registration. Our multi-marketplace technology allows you to centrally control your offers, orders and product data and supports you with further services that you need as a global player. Kaufland Global Marketplace offers you an ideal infrastructure to grow internationally and combines concentrated trading power with state-of-the-art platform technology. As a Kaufland Global Marketplace seller, you expand your sales strategy and increase your reach and target groups.

What does the cooperation look like?

For the cooperation, you must first register as a seller on our marketplace. This will give you access to our Seller Portal. Here you can list your products yourself on our marketplace using GTINs and then sell them under your own name. We take care of the marketing for you and advertise your products automatically via external channels. When an order is received, we provide you with all the necessary shipping information from the customer. You are responsible for shipping the ordered goods to the end customer. As the customer’s contractual partner, you also handle the invoicing, while we take care of the payment processing. After receipt of the order by the customer, you will receive your sales proceeds from Kaufland Global Marketplace. During the entire sales process, our first-level customer service supports you with your customer queries. In addition, our seller support is available to assist you with selling on Kaufland.

How can I register as a seller for a specific Kaufland marketplace?

After you successfully complete your registration, you will be able to select your country-specific sales channels.

What information and documents do I need for registration?

We require the following information and documents from you for registration:

  • Information on your company representatives
  • Information on the beneficial owners and shareholding ratios
  • Information under tax law, such as the VAT ID for your company headquarters and, if your company is headquartered abroad, a VAT ID for the marketplace country or an OSS-registered VAT ID
  • Information on the product range offered

Depending on the company form or legal form of your company, we will require the following documents from you:

  • Trade license or excerpt from the Commercial register
  • Valid ID documents for all company representatives
  • Verification of shareholding ratios (only for partnerships)
How can I list my products?

You have four different options for listing your products on our marketplace:

  1. Via software partners: You can connect to our marketplace with a software partner. We work with more than 70 software and middleware providers. You can find an overview here. This way you can automatically import your product and offer data from your shop to our platform.
  2. Via our open API: In addition, you can also connect via our open API by building your own integration from your system to our platform.
  3. Via CSV upload: A third option is to list via CSV files. For this, you can use our CSV file templates to directly insert your product and offer data for multiple EANs and import the files via the seller portal.
  4. Manually: Last but not least, you can also list your products manually in our seller portal.
What fees are charged when I sell with Kaufland Global Marketplace?

You pay a monthly basic fee and variable sales commissions. The monthly basic fee is 39.95 € and includes among others the following services:

  • unlimited listing of products
  • our automated multi-channel marketing via external channels (SEO, SEA, Google Shopping, price comparison portals)
  • our payment processing
  • our personal seller and customer support

In addition, you can also add a link to your own online shop. This option can be booked for an additional charge.If you are selling with Kaufland Global Marketplace on several Kaufland marketplaces, you only pay the monthly basic fee for one marketplace. The sales commission depends on the category and is between 7 and 16 percent. You can find an overview here. The commission is only calculated on actual sales, not on returns or cancellations.

Do you have any questions?

Our personal seller support will help you!

*The Early Bird offer is only valid for additional sales commissions on and in the first three months after the respective launch of the sales channel. This does not affect the commissions on, and If you sell on, or, you will continue to pay the sales commissions that accrue according to the sales category. After the three-month promotional period, you will also be required to pay the applicable sales commissions on and All sellers who activate or in the period from 8th April 2024 to 31st December 2024 are eligible to participate in the Early Bird promotion and use the marketplaces while paying no basic fee. If you have already activated, or before the start of or and subsequently activate the latter, you no longer have to pay the monthly basic fee for all Kaufland sales channels for the following three months. If, and are not activated, the basic fee will only be charged after the expiry of the three-month Early Bird promotion following the launch of the or marketplaces. The Sponsored Product Ads (SPA) discount is an immediate discount of up to 200 euros per month for the activation of the and sales channels during the first three months after the launch of the respective marketplace (up to 600 euros per sales channel in total), provided that SPA services are used. The discount only applies to the use of SPA services on and and cannot be transferred to, or or to the other respective or sales channel. The discount will be deducted from the invoice amount at the end of the month in which the service is provided. If the monthly pro-rata discount is not used, it expires at the end of the month. The discount can only be claimed for each sales channel if at least one offer has been published per marketplace.

**After registering, you decide which marketplace you want to publish your offers on and from which active sales channel the monthly basic fee should be debited. The basic fee will be charged in the local currency of the corresponding marketplace. The basic fee for is debited in Polish zlotys and for in Czech crowns.

In the first 30 days, both the basic fee and the fee for linking to your online shop are waived. Sales commissions remain unaffected. Consequently, you are obligated to pay the applicable commissions on the Kaufland marketplaces. After the 30-day trial period, the basic monthly fee must be paid for the sales channel that was activated first. The use of the other sales channels is then included in this basic fee. All applicable fees will be deducted from your existing credit balance or must be paid by bank transfer. The collaboration can be cancelled at any time.

***An upgrade to a higher-quality subscription model is possible at any time. A downgrade of the subscription model will take effect four weeks after the request.