As a Kaufland Global Marketplace seller, you benefit from the legal services of the Czech law firm Legitas for your sales on the Kaufland.cz and Kaufland.sk online marketplaces.

Legitas, a leading law firm in the Czech Republic, specialises in keeping online sales legally compliant. Whether it’s legal advice, the creation of watertight legal texts or all-inclusive packages for your Czech e-commerce presence: Legitas’s lawyers are available as personal points of contact, supporting you with valuable advice, tips and recommendations.

Your benefits:

  • Legal texts tailored to Kaufland.cz and Kaufland.sk available immediately after ordering
  • Simple, automated online process via document download
  • No subscription, no cancellation
  • Regular e-commerce updates on any legal changes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Initial consultation within 24 hours

“ALL YOU NEED” package

For sellers selling on Kaufland.cz and/or Kaufland.sk, Legitas has put together an “ALL YOU NEED” package at a discounted package price of 1,800 CZK/€75 excl. VAT per marketplace.

The services at a glance:

  • Creation of legal texts for sales on Kaufland.cz OR Kaufland.sk:
    • Seller GTCs
    • Legal notice
    • Revocation policy
    • Data protection policy
  • Regular legal notifications regarding online selling in the Czech Republic or Slovakia
  • Annual, free online training on Czech or Slovak e-commerce law

The Legitas legal service is aimed exclusively at Kaufland Global Marketplace sellers who sell on the Kaufland.cz and/or Kaufland.sk online marketplaces.

Consultations can be provided in English and Czech, or German if necessary. The booking portal and services are available in Czech, English and German.

FAQs (provided by Legitas)

What happens if the legal requirements for selling on Kaufland.cz and/or Kaufland.sk change?

Legitas will inform you in good time about any changes to the law that affect sales on the either of the online marketplaces.

Will Legitas inform me if the laws in the Czech Republic and/or Slovakia change and affect online selling on Kaufland.cz/Kaufland.sk?

Don’t worry! Legitas will let you know about any changes immediately.

Do I have to book a new package if the laws in the country’s marketplace change and my legal texts have to be adapted?

Legitas will create new versions of legal texts for you as a Kaufland Global Marketplace seller under favourable terms. For example, if only the data protection policy needs adapting, you only need to book the changes to the data protection policy at a special price.

What payment options does Legitas offer when booking the service?

You can choose between invoice purchase and GoPay. You can pay the invoice by bank transfer. As soon as payment has been received by Legitas you will receive the documents immediately via e-mail. Alternatively, you can use GoPay and pay with a credit card.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No, this is a one-off purchase.

Who creates the legal texts?

All legal texts and legal advice are provided by qualified lawyers from Legitas, a law firm specialising in e-commerce law.

Can Legitas also support me if I receive a legal warning?

Of course! The lawyers at Legitas specialise in e-commerce and are ready to take care of legal disputes with state authorities in the Czech Republic or Slovakia on your behalf.