Sponsored Product Ads

Our performance-based promotion tool allows you to increase the visibility of your products on Kaufland Global Marketplace through a more prominent placement. Reach exactly those customers who are searching for your products or are looking at similar products.

At the same time, you have full cost control, as you can define your bids and campaign budgets individually. In addition, you only pay for the clicks on your ads, displaying the ads themselves is free of charge.

You can create, monitor and optimize your campaigns independently. Since the dashboard provides an overview of the performance of your campaigns, you can make data-based decisions.

Take your chance for increased sales and long-term growth!

All information about Sponsored Product Ads summarised

  • What are Sponsored Product Ads?
  • Where are they displayed?
  • What are the costs associated with Sponsored Product Ads?
  • How can I start?

Your benefits at a glance

Easy and transparent: This is how Sponsored Products work with Kaufland Global Marketplace

Content Optimisation

Make sure that your product and offer data are provided in the most favourable way to ensure that increased traffic on your products will convert.

Setting up a Campaign

The system will guide you step-by-step through setting up the campaign, product selection, definition of keywords and budgets.

Track your Performance

Supervise your campaign’s success, adjust your campaign settings or optimize bids and keywords.

Tips for a successful start

Campaign structure

When launching sponsored product ads campaigns, there are a few things you should take into consideration to ensure your campaign has a successful start.

The campaign budget should be designed so that at least 100 clicks can be generated for every product advertised during the campaign. Since it takes around 1 to 2 weeks before valid conclusions can be drawn regarding the performance of a campaign, 100 clicks per product is a good benchmark.

At the beginning of the campaign, it is advisable to start with an automatic keyword strategy. This helps you gain an overview of higher and lower-performing keywords. Higher performing keywords can then be included in an optimised manual campaign. Keywords that only generate clicks, but not conversions, can be deactivated and excluded in the keyword tab.

If you decide to pursue a manual keyword strategy right from the start, you should add several keywords suggested by the system, since they are classified by the system as relevant. In addition, it is advisable to add the name of the product category as a keyword.


The following points should be taken into consideration before launching the campaign, so that it has a good foundation to ensure the best possible performance:

  • Products live, so that ads can be placed
  • BuyBox won, so that ads can be displayed
  • Product data entered and updated, so that ads can perform well
  • Products in warehouse, to ensure ads are displayed continuously
  • Own goals set, so that the right campaign structure can be selected


1. Products live
Sellers registered with Kaufland Global Marketplace who have available offers on Kaufland marketplaces can use Sponsored Product Ads. Seconds quality goods and books, however, cannot be advertised.

2. BuyBox
Your ads will only be displayed if you are currently in the BuyBox for your advertised product. This prevents you from paying for an ad although another seller is displayed to the customer in the BuyBox. You can easily determine whether you or another seller are currently in the BuyBox in the Sponsored Products back office by displaying the “Buy Box” column in the campaign details in the “Products” tab. If the status is green, you are currently winning the BuyBox for the corresponding product.

3. Startcheck
Before you start your Sponsored Products campaigns, you should take a few things into consideration so you can actually improve the click and conversion rates for your products.

Product data is particularly important for your ads to be displayed correctly and perform well. Ensure that products are assigned to the right category, have clear and appealing titles (ideally, these should already contain relevant keywords), have attractive images, and have product descriptions that contain all important information for the user. The algorithm checks specifically whether the product is relevant for the customer, then decides which ads should be displayed for each search inquiry based on this check.

Likewise, you should ensure that you have the products to be advertised in stock, and that you are offering them at competitive prices. In cases where the products you advertise are also available from other marketplace sellers, your ads will only be displayed if you appear in the BuyBox!

Further information & insights

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In our webinars, you can learn more about how exactly Sponsored Product Ads with Kaufland Global Marketplace work, how you can launch your first campaign, and how you can optimise existing campaigns:

You are interested in our Sponsored Products?

You can reach our support via: support-spa@kaufland-marketplace.com

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Where do Sponsored Product Ads appear?

Sponsored Product Ads can appear in several ad placements across the site (especially in the search result pages and category pages) to help shoppers discover your products. These placements may change from time to time as we are constantly making changes to the design and trying to optimize it.

Where and how will shoppers see my ads?

Based on the products that you are promoting we match their keywords automatically to the search terms that shoppers are looking for. When a shopper searches using words or terms relevant to your promoted products, your ads might appear along with the other products on the search results or in the category page.

Why is it called performance-based?

Sponsored Product Ads are performance-based – meaning that you do not pay for impressions of the promotions. You only pay when a shopper clicks them and enters your product page.

What do I have to do before starting my campaign?

Before starting campaigns to increase the visibility of your products, there are a few aspects you should consider in order to actually increase your conversion rate:

  • Make sure you have the product in stock.
  • Make sure that the quality of the product images is sufficient.
  • Post meaningful and accurate product descriptions that describe the item in detail.
  • If possible, promote products that have received positive reviews.
  • Pay attention to your seller ratings. A good rating will dispel any doubts the buyer may have and can help you achieve better conversion rates.
  • Make sure the product price is competitive. Please note that for products that are offered by other marketplace merchants besides you, your ads will only be played out if you currently have the best offer and accordingly appear in the Buy Box!
How do I create a Sponsored Product Ads campaign?

Log in to your seller account on kaufland.de/seller and click “Sponsored Product Ads” under “Services”. From there, you can directly log in to your Sponsored Product Ads account. In your Sponsored Product Ads account, you can then set up a new campaign via the button “New Campaign” under the menu point “Campaigns”. Follow the instructions of the system to set up the campaigns.