As a seller with Kaufland Global Marketplace, you can benefit from our service partner, Hellotax.

The tax experts at Hellotax are offering you the opportunity to automate your EU-wide tax processes professionally and efficiently using VAT software.

The tax-automation covers different kinds of services:

  • OSS registration (One-Stop-Shop)
  • VAT registrations
  • VAT returns
  • fiscal representations
  • handling of tax letters from the authorities

Hellotax ensures you the highest levels of convenience possible in European e-commerce. In addition to the VAT software, you also receive personal support from professional tax advisors who take care of your individual requests.

Kaufland Global Marketplace sellers receive a special offer when working with Hellotax: 25 % off within the first year of subscription.*

*This discount does not apply to the hellotax “new seller” starter package.

Here’s what the VAT software offers you

1. Real-time data validation

2. Storage and threshold limit monitoring

3. Goods movement and proforma invoices

4. Extended data analysis

5. All files and reports in one place