Händlerbund (Seller Association)

With Kaufland Global Marketplace and Händlerbund, you can secure benefits for several membership packages dealing with legally compliant sales on the Kaufland marketplaces.

Händlerbund has been supporting online sellers since 2008, and centres its work around sellers whose headquarters are in Germany. Sellers can choose between individually compiled membership packages with various scopes of coverage, including the possibility to have legal texts created specifically for sales with Kaufland Global Marketplace.

Your benefits:

The basic membership package is already available from €9.90 per month and includes the following Händlerbund services:

  • Legally sound selling on Kaufland.de, Kaufland.cz and Kaufland.sk
  • Legal texts created by lawyers in 10 languages (including German, Czech, Slovak and many more)
  • Individual, watertight legal texts (no samples) for legal notices, general terms and conditions (GTC), revocation policies and data protection declarations, including free update service
  • Additional legal support in data protection, youth protection, trademark and labour law
  • Sample letters, document templates, checklists, whitepapers and much more

Additional benefits from Premium and/or Unlimited membership packages

  • Legal advice from specialised lawyers (Premium and higher)
  • Support in the event of legal warnings (Unlimited and higher)
  • In-depth shop audit to identify and eliminate possible dangers of legal warnings (Unlimited and higher)

Of course, assumption of liability is included

Händlerbund assumes full liability for the legal texts created by Händlerbund. In the event of a legal warning, sellers are legally represented under the Unlimited and Professional membership packages.

The legal text service for Kaufland Global Marketplace – how it works

Legal security in e-commerce begins with legal texts. Errors in the legal notice, revocation declaration, general terms and conditions and data protection statement not only cause the customer doubts which can make them lose confidence; these issues can also lead to a legal warning. Händlerbund provides you with all the necessary legal texts and supports you when creating legally compliant texts.

Free update service

Händlerbund keeps you up to date with changes in case law. You promptly receive your amended and current legal texts and can use them immediately.

*Kaufland Global Marketplace sellers receive three months free when booking a membership package!

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, a start-up or a medium-sized company, we have the right package for you. With the package finder, you can find out in an instant which membership package best suits your requirements.

Find the right package now!


Which membership package is the right one for me?

Try the interactive package finder offered by Händerbund and in just a few steps you’ll find the best membership to match your individual needs. Would you like personal advice? No problem! Händlerbund is happy to help you choose the right membership package. Call +49 341 / 92 65 94 62.

Is a monthly membership payment possible?

When you finalise your membership, you can choose to pay monthly or annually.

Is there a minimum contract period?

The membership packages have a minimum contract period of twelve months. Some add-on products are available month-by-month.

Which payment methods does Händlerbund accept?

You can choose from the following payment methods: SEPA direct debit, PayPal, credit cards, bank transfer, iDEAL and Bancontact.

Which languages are the legal texts created in?

Legal texts are offered in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Slovak and Arabic.

Who will create my legal texts?

All legal texts are composed by lawyers who specialise in e-commerce. Naturally, Händlerbund assumes full liability for the legal texts it provides.

What happens if the laws change?

These legal texts are constantly kept up-to-date with the latest case law. With an inclusive update service, you will always be informed in good time if you need to update your legal texts. Your legal texts are and will stay watertight.

How can I request a legal consultation?

If you would like a personal legal consultation, you can contact Händlerbund’s lawyers directly. A premium membership covers legal consultation via e-mail with the legal experts at Händlerbund, capped at a maximum of ten e-mails per month. If you opt for the unlimited or professional membership, you’ll benefit from unlimited legal advice via e-mail or telephone.

How does Händlerbund support me if I receive a legal warning?

If you have an unlimited or professional membership, representation for legal warnings is available. The experienced lawyers at Händlerbund will check whether the legal warning is justified, modify the cease-and-desist declaration if necessary, protect you from excessive damage demands and, if necessary, represent you in all court proceedings. The team of legal experts at Händlerbund has already processed more than 22,000 legal warnings and provides you direct assistance with no long waiting periods.

What is a shop inspection and what benefits does it bring me?

The shop inspection supports you in maintaining a legally sound e-commerce presence online. Specialised lawyers will examine your online presence and check it against more than 100 criteria. This identifies legal weak points which could lead to a legal warning. This shop inspection is included with unlimited and professional memberships. You can request further shop inspections for other presences at any time.

Händlerbund offers individual packages for these legal areas: